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What does Assisted Living mean to you?

Probably seniors occupying their time in a nice building and cared for by professionals. And that’s exactly what everyone has come to expect. It’s normal, predictable, and not very exciting.

Now imagine seniors living CONNECTED, ACTIVE, and PURPOSEFUL lives. Imagine them using tablets and Social Media to connect with family and friends, or getting a good workout on gentle and safe exercise equipment. Picture seniors living lives of activity, choice, and significance.

That’s Assisted Living Like You’ve Never Seen Before, and that’s what life at Thrive Assisted Living and Memory Care is like.

Care is at the core of Thrive and our Resident Assistants are empowered by the most advanced technology in Assisted Living and Memory Care today.

Come and explore our safe and secure resort-style community and see how Thrive is anything but ordinary Assisted Living and Memory Care.


Give Back to Those Who Matter Most

I’m Tammy McDonald, the Health & Wellness Director, and I help people just like you get the clarity, confidence, and answers you need to find the right senior housing solution.

Contact me and discover how to immediately improve your loved one’s quality of life, celebrate their legacy, and help them, once again, re-engage in their life story.



Thrive Assisted Living & Memory Care at Greer

715 South Buncombe Road
Greer, South Carolina 29650

Phone: (864) 469-0409

Located South of Brushy Creek Rd and Larson’s gas station, just North of Medical Parkway.