Enjoying Now.

Being active means being engaged in life.

Our full time Director of Excitement keeps residents busy and the place hopping. There’s always something to do and something exciting to look forward to each day.

From physical activities to mental challenges, residents stay upbeat, alert, and involved.

Residents love staying fit using our senior safe exercise equipment, which uses gentle compressed air resistance instead of metal plates. Settings as low as ¼ of a pound promote range of motion and a sense of accomplishment.

Thrive’s It’s Never Too Late computer station is another favorite. This senior friendly software allows residents to explore the world, relive historic events, and find new exciting interests.

The movie theater with surround sound and the interactive XBox Connect provide pure fun and entertainment for the entire community.

Activity is key to wellness and residents at Thrive have exciting options to stay active everyday.

Tour Thrive and explore all of the ways residents stay active and engaged.