When a person with dementia or Alzheimer’s needs care beyond the family, difficult choices have to be made.

Here’s how we make it easier for you.

We see victims of dementia or Alzheimer’s as people needing to be served. Despite their condition, they must treated with respect and dignity because the person is still on the inside looking out.

And the person inside is where we begin.

The controlled access Memory Care community of Thrive is where only the most committed professional care staff is allowed to work. No other duties in the community are required of these Resident Assistants, so they can focus exclusively on the needs of, and relationships with, these residents.

This is not the scaled down-double occupancy-shared bathroom-facility so common in Memory Care today. We show respect for the person living with memory conditions with luxurious private suites just like Assisted Living. The only modifications made are intended to create a greater sense of calm and safety for the residents.

Our program centers on two simple words, “Meaning and Purpose.” These very basic human needs continue to be met at Thrive as long as possible.

Involvement in every day tasks, such as sweeping a floor, or folding towels provide tremendous satisfaction for the resident. They are active and making a contribution, which enriches their day.

But we go deeper than simply staying active. Throughout the community, we provide physical materials to prevent boredom and encourage play. These materials are wonderful opportunities for reminiscence, conversations, and engagement.

Tour Thrive’s Memory Care community and take comfort in the high level of professional care for these most dependent residents.